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Emily Russo

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"Take Me Home," "Road Trip" & "Joyride" Produced by: Michael Krajicek and featuring him on drums, bass and guitar​​

​​​Emily Russo is a singer, songwriter, pianist, and performer from the Boston area. A Berklee College of Music graduate with over twelve years of performance experience, her love and passion for what she does is evident in every song she sings.

If you’re in need of live music for your event, establishment, or wedding, Emily can provide a tasteful and versatile mix of uniquely-crafted cover songs that spans decades and interweaves genres. The combination of her childhood classical piano training, Berklee education, eclectic taste, respect for well-written songs, and devotion to music results in a rich and memorable musical blend.

Whether you are listening to one of her original compositions or a nostalgic song in a new way, her goal is to take you on a melodic, lyrical, rhythmic, and hypnotic journey. If you are interested in booking her or have any questions/comments, please visit her Contact page
HERE and fill out the form. 

Thank you for reading and enjoy the music! 

"Emily is our favorite local artist and performer. She has a beautiful voice and her songs are a pleasure to experience. She does some pretty amazing covers as well! Our entire family always enjoys her shows, music and spirit. She is a lovely person and a wonderful entertainer! We always count the days to her next performance!"
- The B's (Music Lovers)

​"Emily is an excellent performer.  Her skill as a pianist and singer is matched by the enthusiasm she brings to the songs.  Whenever I need a pick-me-up or a satisfying break from a stressful day, I always turn to her YouTube channel and stream my favorites on repeat.  I have had the pleasure of hearing her in person at different live events, and have even hired her as a session singer for my own songs.  Her vocals are always consistently spot-on from take to take, which makes my job as the producer much easier.  I highly recommend her to both lovers of good live music and to other music producers."

- Matthew P. (Music Lover, Musician & Music Producer)

"Emily Russo is a fantastic pianist and singer, she is bright and cheerful and absolutely made our holiday gathering one of the best that Boston University has seen! Every person in attendance was overjoyed by her presence, voice and range. We cannot wait to have her back again this year!"

- Rachelle  R. (Office Services Administrator @ Boston University)

"Your music was light, soothing and relaxing. The background music was played at a low volume as to not disturb the conversations that were taking place. We thank you for your music selections as they were fitting for our 15th Anniversary Event."

​- Manny S. (VP of Operations @ Corporate Data & Voice Solutions, Inc)

"Check her YouTube; Emily is able to interpret a metal, slow or rap song adding her particular own touch... only with her piano ! She writes music and it's hard not to relate to what she sings about. Then her singing is somehow strongly influenced by jazz, rhythm and blues, soul, and many more styles, all in one !! 
However there is also the other Emily, the down to earth one, sensitive, always willing to reply to a comment, request or message, and doing so politely ! 
I have the chance to do an instrumental for one of her original songs and I am really enjoying composing with such a professional artist !"

- Louis S. (Music Lover, Musician & Music Producer)



'Tis the season to start planning all your spring and summer events!

Whether it's a wedding, personal gathering, corporate function, baby shower, anniversary, or celebration of any kind, adding live music can help enhance your special occasion. 

To see if Emily would be a good fit for your event, please explore the "MEDIA" section of this site where you will find music samples and links to social media pages.

Fill out the contact form with any inquires HERE.



The first Sunday of every month, Emily debuts a new original music video for her

"Original Song Sunday" segment.

Give her a "Like" and follow her on Facebook HERE.



If you're a new parent in need of some soothing tunage to help lull baby to sleep,

check out the lullaby album "Sleepy Time" by The Rubber Ducky Band

that Emily is one of the vocalists on.

Currently streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and other music sites.

Listen to song samples HERE



Thank you to all who have made Emily a part of your special day,

and for all of the positive feedback!!