Emily Russo

- "Wish I Was in Love" featuring Mark Milone on drums & produced by Charlie Borruso of Woodshop Productions

- "Road Trip" featuring Chris Bouchard on drums

- A sample of Emily's original music below -

The first Sunday of every month, Emily debuts a new original music video for her "Original Song Sunday" segment. 
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Upcoming Shows



2 Dartmouth St, Boston, MA

Thursday, 5/17/18

5 pm - 7 pm




67 Main St, Salem, NH

Friday, 5/18/18

7 pm - 9 pm




67 Main St, Salem, NH

Sunday, 5/20/18

1 pm - 3 pm


Emily Russo is a singer, songwriter, and pianist from Haverhill, MA. Being classically trained on the piano as a child helped her to foster a deep love and passion for writing both instrumental and vocal music. She decided to further her musical education at Berklee College of Music, where she graduated with a degree in Songwriting. 

Since her time at Berklee, Emily has performed locally at events, restaurants, bars, and weddings. Gaining experience working as a solo artist, as well as with other local, talented musicians, has given her the opportunity to develop a more diverse skill set. She has also written and recorded a multitude of songs, worked as a studio musician, and been involved in a number of musical projects over the years. 

It is Emily's intention to provide you with music of quality and substance. If you are interested in booking her, please visit the Contact page HERE and fill out the form. Thank You. 

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Join Emily at Tuscan Kitchen in 
Salem, NH Friday evenings upstairs in the

Wine Bar from 7pm - 9pm 
and every-other-Sunday on the Main Floor from 1pm - 3pm.

Full schedule HERE.