The first Sunday of every month, Emily debuts a new original music video for her

"Original Song Sunday" segment. Give her a "Like" and follow her on Facebook HERE.



​Join Emily at Tuscan Kitchen in Salem, NH

​Friday evenings from 7 pm - 9 pm &

every-other-Sunday from 1 pm - 3 pm.

(Outside on the patio, weather permitting!)

Full schedule HERE

Emily Russo

- A Sample of Emily's Original Music -

"Take Me Home," "Road Trip" & "Joyride"

Produced by Michael Krajicek and featuring him on drums, bass and guitar​​

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- About -

​Emily Russo is a singer, songwriter, pianist, and performer from the Boston area. A Berklee College of Music graduate with over twelve years of performance experience, her love and passion for what she does is evident in every song she sings.

If you’re in need of live music for your event, establishment, or wedding, Emily can provide a tasteful and versatile mix of uniquely-crafted cover songs that spans decades and interweaves genres. The combination of her childhood classical piano training, Berklee education, eclectic taste, respect for well-written songs, and devotion to music results in a rich and memorable musical blend.

Whether you are listening to one of her original compositions or a nostalgic song in a new way, her goal is to take you on a melodic, lyrical, rhythmic, and hypnotic journey. If you are interested in booking her or have any questions/comments, please visit her Contact page
HERE and fill out the form. 

Thank you for reading and enjoy the music!